Distinguished Scientists

Academic Activities for Distinguished Scientists

  1. To carry on several scientific researches together with Saudi counterparts, to present at least one research project to the Deanship of Scientific Research in KAU, and to present at least one strategic research project to king Abdulaziz City for Science and Technology.
  2. To train KAU academic staff who have recently arrived from abroad (trusting their missions), to train them and make them achieve high skills for how to carry out authentic scientific research.
  3. To supervise postgraduate students.
  4. Investigating and auditing the scientific thesises and dissertations.
  5. To participate in authoring scientific books.
  6. To join the editing staff of the corresponding scientific journal swhich are issued in KAU. (each in his field)
  7. To participate in establishing Centers of Excellency in Scientific Researches. (each in his scientific field)
  8. To join the Advisory Boards of centers of excellency in scientific research. (each in his field)
  9. To participate in establishing Business Incubators and Knowledge Parks. (each in his corresponding field)
  10. To participate in establishing assumptive units which are used to train students in them.
  11. To arrange and perform some training workshops for students and academic staff.
  12. To participate in developing and improving curriculums.
  13. To participate in establishing and creating distinguished mutual educational programs, which lead KAU students to join the corresponding university for an academic year.
  14. The High Cited scholar should achieve a research project funded from outside KAU or a Scientific Chair during the first or second year after signing the contracts, but not later than that.

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