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Short Biography

    Rubén Domínguez acted as a food expert in several scientific networks and international congresses and conferences.
He has more than 175 scientific publications, most of them articles published in high-impact specialized “Food science” journals (Q1), and 57 book chapters.
He is the editor of several scientific journals and editor of four scientific books at an international level in prestigious publishers.

Current Research Interest :

-Healthy meat products.
-Functional foods.
-Emerging technologies to obtain bioactive compounds.
-Fat replacers and animal fat analogs.
-Food natural additives (antioxidants and antimicrobials).
-Alternative protein sources.

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Five Of The Most Important Publications

Domínguez et al. (2022). Main animal fat replacers for the manufacture of healthy processed meat products. Critical Reviews in Food Science and Nutrition.
Domínguez et al. (2021). Immobilization of oils using hydrogels as strategy to replace animal fats and improve the healthiness of meat products. Current opinion in Food Science, 37, 135-144.
Domínguez et al. (2020). Elderberry (Sambucus nigra L.) as potential source of antioxidants. Characterization, optimization of extraction parameters and bioactive properties. Food Chem., 330, 127266.
Domínguez et al. (2019). A Comprehensive Review on Lipid Oxidation in Meat and Meat Products. Antioxidants, 8, 429.
Domínguez et al. (2018). Active packaging films with natural antioxidants to be used in meat industry: A review. Food Research International, 113, 93-101.

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