The objectives

  1. Promoting the university’s scientific research.
  2. Keep on moving towards globalization.
  3. Producing first-class international scientific research.
  4. Exchange ideas with local and international researchers.
  5. Upgrading   postgraduate students’ level of the research.
  6. Boosting    global research collaboration.
  7. Establishing a strong global partnership.
  8. Encouraging international researchers to participate in conducting and publishing the research.
  9. Creating a partnership with external researchers in writing   books.
  10. Starting   publication of world-class scientific journals.
  11. Enriching the university’s scientific sections with the best scholars and researchers based on what is mentioned in the university’s Strategic Plan II.
  12. Enhancing the university’s research potentials through making use of proper research techniques. 
  13. Providing a supportive academic environment to motivate innovation, excellence, invention and talents.
  14. Encouraging, supporting and upgrading the scientific research, particularly the applied scientific research intended for serving development of the society.

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2/26/2012 10:13:18 AM