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With the dawn of the new millennium, King Abdul Aziz University (KAU) in Jeddah, hastened to contrive new steps towards development and renovation. Consequently, the university has conducted a wise strategic plan and drew up serious steps to develop all its amenities including the infrastructure that will successfully cater for the scientific research and promote the streams towards globalization. The university commenced its efforts with setting up strong scientific and research partnerships with some world high-status scientific and industrial institutions, well-known for their high distinction in their fields of specializations and their scope of development, advancement, rising up the reputation, improving the academic presentation and researches and consolidating the community offerings.

The global inclination has vividly shown via the formation...more 
As always…King Abdulaziz University appreciates science and glorifies scientists. One of the main objectives of the Strategic Plan of the University aims at making King Abdulaziz University a great research institution, and to contribute to the enrichment of human knowledge in all of its branches ...more  
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Distinguished Scientists
Distinguished Scientists
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1. Promoting the university’s scientific research.
2 .Keep in moving towards globalization.
3. Producing first-class international scientific research.
4. Exchange the ideas between local and international researchers.
5. Upgrading the postgraduate students’ level of the research.
6. Raising up the global research collaboration.
7. Instituting a strong global partnership.
8. Sharing the international researchers in conducting and publishing the researches.
9. Creating a partnership with abroad researchers in composing the books.
10. Starting the issuance of world-class scientific journals.
11. Enriching the university’s scientific sections with the best scholars and researchers based on what is mentioned in the university’s Strategic Plan II.
12. Enhancing the university’s research potentials through making use of the most of research know-how.
13. Providing a supportive academic environment to motivate innovation, excellence, invention and talents.
14. Encouraging, supporting and upgrading the scientific research, particularly the applied scientific research intended for serving the development of the society.